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Does Ben & Jerry's Hire Felons?

It is unclear whether Ben & Jerry's hire felons.

It is less likely that Ben & Jerry's hire people with felonies. Here are the favorable factors:

  • It seems that Ben & Jerry's does not mention any background check requirement in their job postings

While here are some of the cons:

  • Ben & Jerry's is not one of the employers that signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge
  • There may not have been any job openings from Ben & Jerry's in felon friendly job boards in the past
  • None of Ben & Jerry's jobs mention that they accept applications from ex-offenders

Job Openings for Felons at Ben & Jerry's

There are 0 felon friendly jobs found at Ben & Jerry's. It does not mean that Ben & Jerry's is not hiring. If you are an ex-offender and looking for jobs at Ben & Jerry's, you can try the followings:

  1. Visit Ben & Jerry's official website and search for career link. You need to do job search manually.
  2. Find other companies that hire felons
  3. Find industries that hire felons

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