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Companies that Hire Felons

There are many companies that hire felons. In fact, there are more companies than most people think that are willing to give felons a chance. Some of these companies are large corporations, while others are small businesses. Many of these companies are in the retail industry. There are also some companies that specialize in hiring felons.

One company that is well-known for hiring felons is Walmart. Walmart has a program called the "Reintegration Initiative" that is designed to help felons find jobs. The program provides assistance with résumé writing, interview skills, and job placement. Walmart also offers training and development programs for its employees.

Another company that hires felons is Starbucks. Starbucks has a program called "Opportunities Unlimited." The program helps ex-offenders find jobs and provides them with training and development opportunities.

Are you tired looking for a list of companies that hire people with criminal records? Even though there is no such a definite list, there are still some companies known to hire people with criminal records. Below is a list of 1,781 companies that possibly hire ex-felons.