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Reentry Programs

What is a Reentry Program

It is a program designed to assist previously incarcerated citizens with a successful transition to their community after their release, thereby reducing recidivism, improving public safety, and saving money.

What Do Reentry Programs Include?

Re-entry programs involve services that were initiated while the individual was in custody and a follow-up component after the individual was released.

These services include alcohol and drug therapy, cognitive behavioral treatment, gender-specific program, probation/parole services, reentry court, violence prevention, vocational/job training.

What Factors Affect the Success of Reentry

A report by The Harvard University Institute of Politics Criminal Justice Policy Group found that health, employment, housing, skill development, mentorship, social networks, and organization type – significantly affect the success of reentry.

The links on this page contains information on each state's non-profit organizations that assist ex-offenders in finding employment, and also has resources for housing, food assistance, legal advice, vital records, and more.

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