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Does Habitat For Humanity Hire Felons?

There are 70% possibility that Habitat For Humanity hire people with felonies. Here are the reasons why:

  • Habitat For Humanity might have posted job vacancies in felon friendly job boards in the past.
  • Some people mentioned through comments, reviews that Habitat For Humanity hire felons.
  • Some jobs from Habitat For Humanity mention that they accept applications from ex-offenders.
  • Certain job descriptions from Habitat For Humanity mentioned background check requirement.

However this does not mean that Habitat For Humanity will definitely hire you, so do not get disappointed and discouraged when you get rejected. What the policy means is that Habitat For Humanity will not discriminate against you based on your felony or misdemeanor.

We could not guarantee that the information above is 100% accurate since there might be changes in Habitat For Humanity hiring policy which makes our database outdated, or there are glitches in our program while scanning job descriptions.

Job Openings for Felons at Habitat For Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

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