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Does South Mill Hire Felons?

There are 50% possibility that South Mill hire people with felonies.

  • South Mill might have posted job vacancies in felon friendly job boards in the past
  • Some people mention online through comments, reviews that South Mill hire felons

However this does not mean that South Mill will definitely hire you, so do not get disappointed and discouraged when you get rejected. What the policy means is that South Mill will not discriminate against you based on your felony or misdemeanor.

Jobs at South Mill

Here are current job openings at South Mill posted from many job boards.

Mushroom Hauler's Assistant

South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

This position is outside of the bargaining unit and you will be required to work six days per week with one day off which will be assigned by your supervisor.

7 hours ago2021-09-16


South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

The harvester removes mushrooms of varying sizes and shapes from the mushroom beds in order to fill customer orders, to provide room for new mushroom growth and…

1 day ago2021-09-14

Master Waterman/Master Regador

South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

This position supports the mushroom growing process in a number of job situations and tasks but is not limited to just watering the product but training the…

1 day ago2021-09-15

High-Reach Forklift Operator

South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

A full-time position requiring the steady use of a Stand-Up High-Reach Forklift in a Cold Storage Warehouse facility. Diploma de preparatoria o equilavente.

1 day ago2021-09-15

Maintenance Mechanic

South Mill - Kennett Square, PA

Provides the Company with troubleshooting and preventative/corrective maintenance expertise. 1+ years of industrial maintenance required.

1 day ago2021-09-15

HVAC Technician

South Mill Champs - Kennett Square, PA

Successful candidate will be in charge of maintaining, repairing, installing, inspecting, and. Certificate from college or technical school along with 3-5yrs…

1 day ago2021-09-15

Pallet Wrapper/Envolvedor de paletas

South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

Must be able to build pallets with several different items correctly. Dump overpacked mushrooms from tills into baskets when needed.

9 days ago2021-09-07

North Carolina Farm Hand

South Mill Champ's - United States

The North Carolina Farm Hand will be responsible for assisting the North Carolina Manager with the day to day operations at our North Carolina baling operation.

27 days ago2021-08-20

Data Entry Clerk

South Mill Champ's - Kennett Square, PA

Responsible to provide support to the growing staff with clerical tasks as helping to plan and coordinate all growing functions, personnel, activities, and…

27 days ago2021-08-20

Utility - Caser

South Mill Champ's - Landenberg, PA

In the cooperation of a small team, this position provides for the transition of mushroom casing soil from the mixer truck into the mushroom house, and then…

23 days ago2021-08-24
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