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Does Metal Mafia Hire Felons?

Yes, we believe that Metal Mafia hire people with felonies. Based on our findings:

  • Metal Mafia might have posted job vacancies in felon friendly job boards in the past
  • Some people mention online through comments, reviews that Metal Mafia hire felons

However this does not mean that Metal Mafia will definitely hire you, so do not get disappointed and discouraged when you get rejected. What the policy means is that Metal Mafia will not discriminate against you based on your felony or misdemeanor.

Jobs at Metal Mafia

Order Filler

Metal Mafia - Secaucus, NJ

Use a list of items a customer has requested to accurately and quickly select the right items in the correct quantity from bins and put them into a box.

21 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-25