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Does JBS Carriers Hire Felons?

Yes, we believe that JBS Carriers hire people with felonies. Based on our findings:

  • JBS Carriers might have posted job vacancies in felon friendly job boards in the past
  • Some people mention online through comments, reviews that JBS Carriers hire felons

However this does not mean that JBS Carriers will definitely hire you, so do not get disappointed and discouraged when you get rejected. What the policy means is that JBS Carriers will not discriminate against you based on your felony or misdemeanor.

Jobs at JBS Carriers


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Management and oversight of all driver-related job functions including but not limited to, operations, safety, compliance, vacation/home-time, employee…

4 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-06-11


JBS Carriers, Inc - Green Bay, WI

Schedule, enter, and communicate all customer delivery appointments. Update corporate customer service on any late deliveries and detentions.

4 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-06-11


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

This is a DOT Compliance Safety Supervisor Role. Manage drug and alcohol program for JBS Carriers. Manage the monthly driver license status reports.

5 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-06-10


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Manage the assets/reports of the specialized division. Close out daily cattle head count and cattle tickets. Manage multi-line phone system.

7 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-06-08


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Track and handle all processes for customer claims against the company, including claim negotiations with internal and external customers.

7 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-06-07


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Enter data, verify and monitor parts and repair orders. Ensure road repairs and breakdowns are scheduled, completed, and reconciled in a timely manner.

20 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-26


JBS Carriers, Inc - Oakwood, GA

Repair and maintain all system of a Class 8 tractor. Replace clutches, brakes, and tires as necessary. Diagnose engine problems and repair as needed.

26 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-20


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Respond to and act on various leads and sell driving opportunities by telephone, online and in person. Take incoming calls from prospective drivers and driver…

25 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-21


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Processing incoming paperwork from drivers. Follow up with other departments regarding final billing details. Need to have a strong attention to detail and high…

21 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-24


JBS Carriers, Inc - Greeley, CO

Conduct weekly new hire orientation, including the administration of I-9 documentation and benefit enrollment. Receive and direct employee relation issues.

21 days ago - Date Posted: 2021-05-24
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